Sustained Turn's sustainability ethos derives from the frugal and self-reliant, expeditionary nature of our Marine Corps past. We believe that maximizing the use of what you have makes best sense for the environment and the balance sheet. Our technologies focus on resource recovery and maximizing energy and water utility while minimizing the negative impacts of operations to human health and the world in which we live. Each of these technologies are small scale, ready to deploy, easy to maintain, and affordable.

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Mr. Emons is President/CEO of Sustained Turn Corporation (STC). Before stepping into the role as President of STC, Mr. Emons was President/CEO of Power Ten, Inc. (P10). STC is an affiliate of P10. Before that Mr. Emons held the position of Senior Manager for Power Ten, Inc.’s portfolio of Engineering and Technical services relating to Unmanned Systems and Energy. Prior to the formation of Power Ten, Inc., he was a Sr. Manager for Shee Atiká Technologies, LLC (SAT).  There he was responsible for their engineering and technical service offerings. He led SAT’s participation in the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program in unmanned systems, serving as the principal engineer in the development of a human centric command and control scheme for armed unmanned systems. Mr. Emons entered industry from the U.S. Marine Corps after a distinguished career in aviation as an F/A-18 pilot. Highlights of his military career include command of a Marine Fighter Attack Squadron, service as a Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) instructor, and as a policy planner for the Deputy Commandant for Aviation. He has over 25 years experience developing tactics, techniques, and procedures; developing, implementing and improving training systems and instructional techniques; creating concepts of operation, directing high tempo operations, managing projects, reducing operational risk and developing safety policy, and managing complex operations in a resource constrained environment. He is an acknowledged expert in land and sea-based MAGTF and tactical aviation operations. Mr. Emons earned a BS in Engineering from the United Stated Naval Academy.