Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology (WETT)

Water is one of our most precious assets, and one that we take for granted in the developed world when we have the luxury of infrastructure to supply potable water and haul away our wastewater.  Most of us live in a "one pipe in, one pipe out" paradigm, using potable water for every need and discharging our wastewater to centralized facilities.  WETT was designed to challenge the "one pipe" paradigm and provide for the local treatment and reuse of water, providing a robust ability to reduce the demand on potable water use, reduce the energy consumed in water transportation, and reduce the impact on the environment to absorb the byproducts of our operations.

WETT is a based upon cutting-edge electrochemistry, and a design philosophy which eliminates biological treatment, disposable filters and membranes, and the need to add chemical reagents. This approach is especially useful for decentralized wastewater treatment, temporary or remote sites, applications with variable influent loading and concentration, and use cases requiring automated operation or on / off capability. WETT consists of three related product lines, each built upon common processes and modules with additional stages or operations to suite the use case.  WETT-O is designed for the treatment of Oily wastes and is capable of removal of oil to less than 5 parts per million. WETT-G is designed for the recovery of Greywater for direct reuse in non potable applications. WETT-S is designed for the treatment of heavily contaminated wastewater such as Sewerage. Explore how these technologies can serve your interests in the use cases below, or scroll down for a deeper dive into the technology.



For military and civilian operations away from functional infrastructure, the WETT product line allows for readily deployable, low maintenance, On / Off system to reduce the demands on production, transport, and back-haul of water. WETT offers tremendous opportunity to go farther, stay longer, tread lightly, and/ or save money. 



Decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse of water resources are made simple with WETT products. Whether the aim is reduction of potable water demand, replacement of aging infrastructure, or cost avoidance of interconnection to centralized wastewater treatment facilities, WETT is part of the solution.



The industrial, maritime, and medical sectors have unique needs when it comes to wastewater, and our unique approach to water treatment and reuse offers opportunity to meet new standards and reduce the costs of doing business. If your industry creates wastewater with oils, metals, pathogens, or pharmaceuticals, the WETT product line is worth exploring.